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Yang Baxter and anisotropic sigma and lambda models, cyclic RG and exact S-matrices

Integrable deformation of SU(2) sigma and lambda models are considered at the classical and quantum levels. These are the Yang-Baxter and XXZ-type anisotropic deformations. The XXZ type deformations are UV safe in one regime, while in another regime, like the Yang-Baxter deformations, they exhibit cyclic RG behaviour. The associ-ated affine quantum group symmetry, realized...

Giant magnons of string theory in the lambda background

The analogues of giant magnon configurations are studied on the string world sheet in the lambda background. This is a discrete deformation of the AdS5×S 5 background that preserves the integrability of the world sheet theory. Giant magnon solutions are generated using the dressing method and their dispersion relation is found. This reduces to the usual dyonic giant magnon...

Beta function of k deformed AdS5 × S 5 string theory

We calculate the one loop beta function for the would-be marginal coupling on the world sheet of the k deformed sigma models associated to a quantum group with q = e iπ/k . This includes the bosonic principal chiral models and symmetric space sigma models but also the k deformed semi-symmetric space sigma model describing strings in a deformation of AdS5 × S 5. The world sheet...