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A cross-sectional study to estimate prevalence of periodontal disease in a population of dogs (Canis familiaris) in commercial breeding facilities in Indiana and Illinois

. Author Contributions Conceptualization: Judith L. Stella. 11 / 13 Data curation: Judith L. Stella. Formal analysis: Judith L. Stella. Funding acquisition: Candace C. Croney. Investigation: Judith L ... . Stella, Amy E. Bauer. Methodology: Judith L. Stella, Amy E. Bauer. Project administration: Candace C. Croney. Resources: Candace C. Croney. Supervision: Candace C. Croney. Writing ± original draft

Environmental Aspects of Domestic Cat Care and Management: Implications for Cat Welfare

, IN, USA Received 30 May 2016; Accepted 6 September 2016 Academic Editor: Maria R. C. De Godoy Copyright © 2016 Judith L. Stella and Candace C. Croney. This is an open access article distributed