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A critical appraisal of the quality of adult musculoskeletal ultrasound guidelines using the AGREE II tool: an EuroAIM initiative

/scientific-activities/joint-initiatives/euroaim/). The ESSR Research Committee and the Ultrasound Subcommittee were directly involved in this appraisal. Carmelo Messina and Bianca Bignotti are members of the

A critical appraisal of the quality of adult dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry guidelines in osteoporosis using the AGREE II tool: An EuroAIM initiative

2013 to 2016. Alberto Tagliafico is current Chair of the Research Committee of the ESSR. Bianca Bignotti and Carmelo Messina are members of the Research Committee of the ESSR. Giuseppe Guglielmi, Carmelo ... Messina, and Catherine M. Phan are members of the Osteoporosis Subcommittee of the ESSR. In the EuroAIM working group, Francesco Sardanelli is the current chair and Bianca Bignotti, Carmelo Messina, Luca

A case of crossed-doubled patellar tendon: an atavistic variant, simple mutation or pathologic finding?

Anatomical variants can be found throughout the whole body. Especially in the knee region, some variability has been reported concerning the osseous, tendinous, and muscular system. Beside a few cases of patellar tendon aplasia, no anatomical variations of this tendon are known. We present a rare case of a doubled patellar tendon as an anatomical variant, which to our knowledge, ...