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Prion protein cleavage fragments regulate adult neural stem cell quiescence through redox modulation of mitochondrial fission and SOD2 expression

Neurogenesis continues in the post-developmental brain throughout life. The ability to stimulate the production of new neurones requires both quiescent and actively proliferating pools of neural stem cells (NSCs). Actively proliferating NSCs ensure that neurogenic demand can be met, whilst the quiescent pool makes certain NSC reserves do not become depleted. The processes...

The Prion Protein N1 and N2 Cleavage Fragments Bind to Phosphatidylserine and Phosphatidic Acid; Relevance to Stress-Protection Responses

Internal cleavage of the cellular prion protein generates two well characterised N-terminal fragments, N1 and N2. These fragments have been shown to bind to anionic phospholipids at low pH. We sought to investigate binding with other lipid moieties and queried how such interactions could be relevant to the cellular functions of these fragments. Both N1 and N2 bound...

The prion protein regulates beta-amyloid-mediated self-renewal of neural stem cells in vitro

The beta-amyloid (Aβ) peptide and the Aβ-oligomer receptor, prion protein (PrP), both influence neurogenesis. Using in vitro murine neural stem cells (NSCs), we investigated whether Aβ and PrP interact to modify neurogenesis. Aβ imparted PrP-dependent changes on NSC self-renewal, with PrP-ablated and wild-type NSCs displaying increased and decreased cell growth, respectively. In...