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Betweenness and diversity in journal citation networks as measures of interdisciplinarity—A tribute to Eugene Garfield

Journals were central to Eugene Garfield’s research interests. Among other things, journals are considered as units of analysis for bibliographic databases such as the Web of Science and Scopus. In addition to providing a basis for disciplinary classifications of journals, journal citation patterns span networks across boundaries to variable extents. Using betweenness centrality ...

Generating clustered journal maps: an automated system for hierarchical classification

Journal maps and classifications for 11,359 journals listed in the combined Journal Citation Reports 2015 of the Science and Social Sciences Citation Indexes are provided at https://​leydesdorff.​github.​io/​journals/​ and http://​www.​leydesdorff.​net/​jcr15. A routine using VOSviewer for integrating the journal mapping and their hierarchical clusterings is also made available. In ...

The Continuing Growth of Global Cooperation Networks in Research: A Conundrum for National Governments

Global collaboration continues to grow as a share of all scientific cooperation, measured as coauthorships of peer-reviewed, published papers. The percent of all scientific papers that are internationally coauthored has more than doubled in 20 years, and they account for all the growth in output among the scientifically advanced countries. Emerging countries, particularly China, ...

Correction: Do Nobel Laureates Create Prize-Winning Networks? An Analysis of Collaborative Research in Physiology or Medicine

. Wagner, Edwin Horlings, Travis A. Whetsell , Pauline Mattsson There are errors in the Competing Interests statement on the published article. The correct Competing Interests statement should read: During

Do Nobel Laureates Create Prize-Winning Networks? An Analysis of Collaborative Research in Physiology or Medicine

Nobel Laureates in Physiology or Medicine who received the Prize between 1969 and 2011 are compared to a matched group of scientists to examine productivity, impact, coauthorship and international collaboration patterns embedded within research networks. After matching for research domain, h-index, and year of first of publication, we compare bibliometric statistics and network ...