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Functional and numerical responses of shrews to competition vary with mouse density

curation: Carolyn A. Eckrich. Formal analysis: Carolyn A. Eckrich, Merav Ben-David. Funding acquisition: Elizabeth A. Flaherty, Merav Ben-David. Methodology: Elizabeth A. Flaherty. Writing ± original draft ... : Carolyn A. Eckrich. Writing ± review & editing: Elizabeth A. Flaherty, Merav Ben-David. 18 / 21 19 / 21 20 / 21 1. MacArthur R , Levins R. The limiting similarity, convergence, and divergence of

Estimating Leaf Area Index in Southeast Alaska: A Comparison of Two Techniques

The relationship between canopy structure and light transmission to the forest floor is of particular interest for studying the effects of succession, timber harvest, and silviculture prescriptions on understory plants and trees. Indirect measurements of leaf area index (LAI) estimated using gap fraction analysis with linear and hemispheric sensors have been commonly used to...