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Increased Insulin Resistance in Obese Children Who Have Both 972 IRS-1 and 1057 IRS-2 Polymorphisms

Sophie Le Fur 0 Catherine Le Stunff 0 Pierre Bougn e`res 0 0 From the Department of Pediatric Endocrinology, Ho pital Saint-Vincent de Paul, Universite Paris V, Paris, France. ric Endocrinology, Ho

The Common −866 G/A Polymorphism in the Promoter of Uncoupling Protein 2 Is Associated With Increased Carbohydrate and Decreased Lipid Oxidation in Juvenile Obesity

Sophie Le Fur Catherine Le Stunff Christine Dos Santos Pierre Bougn e`res Uncoupling protein (UCP) 2 is a member of the mitochondrial transporter superfamily that uncouples proton entry in the

The Human MC4R Promoter: Characterization and Role in Obesity

Heterozygous mutations in the coding sequence of the serpentine melanocortin 4 receptor (MC4R) are the most frequent genetic cause of severe human obesity. Since haploinsufficiency has been proposed as a causal mechanism of obesity associated with these mutations, reduction in gene transcription caused by mutations in the transcriptionally essential regions of the MC4R promoter...

Association Analysis Indicates That a Variant GATA-Binding Site in the PIK3CB Promoter Is a Cis-Acting Expression Quantitative Trait Locus for This Gene and Attenuates Insulin Resistance in Obese Children

Catherine Le Stunff Agne` s Dechartres Virginie Mariot Chantal Lotton Cecelia Trainor Emanuele Miraglia Del Giudice David Meyre Ivan Bieche Ingrid Laurendeau Philippe Froguel Diana Zelenika Dani