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Evaluating turnaround times for early infant diagnosis samples in Kenya from 2011-2014: A retrospective analysis of HITSystem program data

). Lead author for HITSystem Team: Charles Bawcom Author Contributions Conceptualization: Catherine Wexler, Brad Gautney, Sarah Finocchario-Kessler, Kathy Goggin, Samoel Khamadi. Formal analysis: An-Lin ... Cheng. Funding acquisition: Brad Gautney, Sarah Finocchario-Kessler. Investigation: Catherine Wexler, Brad Gautney, Sarah Finocchario-Kessler, Kathy Goggin, Samoel Khamadi, . Methodology: Catherine

Cervical cancer prevention and treatment research in Africa: a systematic review from a public health perspective

Background Women living in Africa experience the highest burden of cervical cancer. Research and investment to improve vaccination, screening, and treatment efforts are critically needed. We systematically reviewed and characterized recent research within a broader public health framework to organize and assess the range of cervical cancer research in Africa. Methods We searched...

Predictors of Infant Age at Enrollment in Early Infant Diagnosis Services in Kenya

Despite the importance of early detection to signal lifesaving treatment initiation for HIV+ infants, early infant diagnosis (EID) services have received considerably less attention than other aspects of prevention of mother to child transmission care. This study draws on baseline data from an on-going cluster randomized study of an intervention to improve EID services at six...