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A neural mass model of cross frequency coupling

) awarded to Cees van Leeuwen. particular, PFC may have been misidentified as PAC [ 9,27 ]. In anticipation of further progress in measurement, it is desirable to have a model predicting the conditions ... oscillation between these regions. Acknowledgments This research was supported by an Odysseus grant from the Flemish organizations for science (FWO) awarded to Cees van Leeuwen. Author Contributions

Dynamic effective connectivity in cortically embedded systems of recurrently coupled synfire chains

As a candidate mechanism of neural representation, large numbers of synfire chains can efficiently be embedded in a balanced recurrent cortical network model. Here we study a model in which multiple synfire chains of variable strength are randomly coupled together to form a recurrent system. The system can be implemented both as a large-scale network of integrate-and-fire neurons...

The role of complex systems theory in cognitive science

to ignore CST, commit to the - & Cees van Leeuwen idea that cognitive processes can be isolated from perceptual and action-oriented processes, and continue on as before. The second is to utilize ... , Chris Trengove, and Cees van Leeuwen (Donders is dead: Cortical Traveling Waves and the Limits of Mental Chronometry in Cognitive Neuroscience) make the strong claim that the averaging methods utilized to

Donders is dead: cortical traveling waves and the limits of mental chronometry in cognitive neuroscience

An assumption nearly all researchers in cognitive neuroscience tacitly adhere to is that of space–time separability. Historically, it forms the basis of Donders’ difference method, and to date, it underwrites all difference imaging and trial-averaging of cortical activity, including the customary techniques for analyzing fMRI and EEG/MEG data. We describe the assumption and how...

Global Neuromagnetic Cortical Fields Have Non-Zero Velocity

Globally coherent patterns of phase can be obscured by analysis techniques that aggregate brain activity measures across-trials, whether prior to source localization or for estimating inter-areal coherence. We analyzed, at single-trial level, whole head MEG recorded during an observer-triggered apparent motion task. Episodes of globally coherent activity occurred in the delta...

Proof of concept: a spatial modular small-world self-organises by adaptive rewiring

Leeuwen 2 3 0 Perceptual Dynamics Laboratory, University of Leuven , Leuven, Flemish Brabant, B3000 , Belgium 1 Saint-Petersburg State Electrotechnical University , Saint-Petersburg, Saint Petersburg 197376

Perceptual awareness and its neural basis: bridging experimental and theoretical paradigms

Antonino Raffone Narayanan Srinivasan Cees van Leeuwen 0 Laboratory for Perceptual Dynamics, KU Leuven , Leuven , Belgium 1 Centre of Behavioural and Cognitive Sciences, University of Allahabad

High-capacity embedding of synfire chains in a cortical network model

Synfire chains, sequences of pools linked by feedforward connections, support the propagation of precisely timed spike sequences, or synfire waves. An important question remains, how synfire chains can efficiently be embedded in cortical architecture. We present a model of synfire chain embedding in a cortical scale recurrent network using conductance-based synapses, balanced...

Precisely timed oculomotor and parietal EEG activity in perceptual switching

Hironori Nakatani 0 Nicoletta Orlandi 0 Cees van Leeuwen 0 0 H. Nakatani N. Orlandi C. van Leeuwen (&) Saitama, Japan Blinks and saccades cause transient interruptions of visual input. To

Distributed Dynamical Computation in Neural Circuits with Propagating Coherent Activity Patterns

Activity in neural circuits is spatiotemporally organized. Its spatial organization consists of multiple, localized coherent patterns, or patchy clusters. These patterns propagate across the circuits over time. This type of collective behavior has ubiquitously been observed, both in spontaneous activity and evoked responses; its function, however, has remained unclear. We...

Transposition effects in reading Japanese Kana: Are they orthographic in nature?

Manuel Perea Chie Nakatani Cees van Leeuwen 0 ) Departamento de Metodologa , Facultad de Psicologa, Universitat de Valncia , Av. Blasco Ibez, 21, 46010 Valencia, Spain One critical question for the

Asymmetric priming effects in visual processing of occlusion patterns

GIJS PLOMP 0 CEES VAN LEEUWEN 0 0 Brain Science Institute , RIKEN BSI, Wako-Shi, Japan and University of Sunderland , Sunderland, England In three experiments, we examined the effect of temporal

Duration of Coherence Intervals in Electrical Brain Activity in Perceptual Organization

We investigated the relationship between visual experience and temporal intervals of synchronized brain activity. Using high-density scalp electroencephalography, we examined how synchronized activity depends on visual stimulus information and on individual observer sensitivity. In a perceptual grouping task, we varied the ambiguity of visual stimuli and estimated observer...

Symbiotic relationship between brain structure and dynamics

Background Brain structure and dynamics are interdependent through processes such as activity-dependent neuroplasticity. In this study, we aim to theoretically examine this interdependence in a model of spontaneous cortical activity. To this end, we simulate spontaneous brain dynamics on structural connectivity networks, using coupled nonlinear maps. On slow time scales...

Negative and positive congruence effects in letters and shapes

In six experiments in which a binary classification task was used, letter and nonletter (geometrical shapes, pseudoletters, or rotated letters) targets were presented either in isolation or surrounded by a geometrical shape. The surrounding shape could be congruent or incongruent with the target. When the classification required a distinction between letters and nonletters...

Stroop can occur without Garner interference: Strategic and mandatory influences in multidimensional stimuli

Stroop and Garner interference were studied in two experiments involving stimuli with several irrelevant features. Using these stimuli, which were more complex than those usually used in perceptual interference studies, a new phenomenon occurred: Stroop effects without a corresponding Garner interference were obtained in four out of six nontarget conditions, two with local and...

Anomalous orientation effects in the Bourdon illusion

I. M. VERSTUNEN 0 CEES VAN LEEUWEN 0 0 University ojAmsterdam , Amsterdam, The Netherlands All current explanations of the Bourdon illusion imply that the illusion persists under mirror imaging over

Context influence on the perception of figures as conditional upon perceptual organization strategies

Two experiments tested the effect of context on figure perception. Subjects were shown rapid sequences of three figures: a prime, a whole, and a part. They were asked to decide if the third figure was a part of the second (Experiment 1) or if the second and third figures were the same or different with respect to a particular angle (Experiment 2). The prime served to establish a...