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Modeling of Bond Stress–Slip Relationships of a Strand in Concrete during Steam Curing

The restrained thermal expansion of a pretensioned strand causes thermal prestress loss during steam curing until sufficient bond strength develops. The amount of thermal prestress loss is directly related to the characteristics of the interfacial bond stress–slip relationship at different maturity phases of concrete. For a rational assessment, the bond stress–slip relationship...

Modeling of Compressive Strength Development of High-Early-Strength-Concrete at Different Curing Temperatures

High-early-strength-concrete (HESC) made of Type III cement reaches approximately 50–70 % of its design compressive strength in a day in ambient conditions. Experimental investigations were made in this study to observe the effects of temperature, curing time and concrete strength on the accelerated development of compressive strength in HESC. A total of 210 HESC cylinders of 100...

Optimization of Curing Regimes for Precast Prestressed Members with Early-Strength Concrete

Thi Suong Le Chadon Lee Early-strength-concrete (ESC) made of Type I cement with a high Blaine value of 500 m2/kg reaches approximately 60 % of its compressive strength in 1 day at ambient temperature