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Incidentally Discovered Splenic Infarction Associated with Scrub Typhus

: Jeong-Hwan Hwang and Chang-Seop Lee, Depart- ment of Internal Medicine, Chonbuk National University Medical School , Jeonju , Republic of Korea 1 Internal Medicine, Chonbuk National University Medical

Malaria-Induced Splenic Infarction

Medical School, Jeonju, Republic of Korea, E-mail: . Chang-Seop Lee, Department of Internal Medicine, Chonbuk National University Medical School and Research Institute of Clinical Medicine of Chonbuk

Effects of inappropriate empirical antibiotic therapy on mortality in patients with healthcare-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia: a propensity-matched analysis

propensity-matched analysis Young Kyung Yoon 0 Dae Won Park 0 Jang Wook Sohn 0 Hyo Youl Kim 8 Yeon-Sook Kim 7 Chang-Seop Lee 13 Mi Suk Lee 12 Seong-Yeol Ryu 11 Hee-Chang Jang 10 Young Ju Choi 15 Cheol-In Kang

Peritonitis in Patients with Scrub Typhus

Internal Medicine, Department of Pathology, Wonkwang University College of Medicine , Iksan , Republic of Korea 2 Authors' addresses: Chang-Hun Lee, Jeong-Hwan Hwang, and Chang- Seop Lee, Department of

Clinical significance of hypoalbuminemia in outcome of patients with scrub typhus

Background This study was designed to investigate the clinical significance of hypoalbuminemia as a marker of severity and mortality in patients with Scrub typhus. Methods The patients with scrub typhus were divided into two groups based on the serum albumin levels; Group I (serum albumin <3.0 g/dL) and Group II (serum albumin ≥3.0 g/dL). The outcome of patients with...

Risk Factors Leading to Fatal Outcome in Scrub Typhus Patients

Scrub typhus is a potentially fatal infectious disease. However, to this date, no epidemiologic study on mortality of complicated scrub typhus has been reported. We reviewed the clinical records of 302 patients with diagnosis of scrub typhus who were admitted to our institute between January 2000 and December 2006. In total, 297 patients with scrub typhus were analyzed and the...

Characteristics of invasive Staphylococcus aureus infections in three regions of Korea, 2009-2011: a multi-center cohort study

Background Despite the importance of invasive Staphylococcus aureus (ISA) infection, its overall burden in non-selected populations has only been defined in a small number of studies in Europe and North America. To define the characteristics of ISA infections in Korea, we conducted a multi-center cohort study to estimate population-based incidence rates. Methods We conducted a...

Clinical Responses to Smallpox Vaccine in Vaccinia-Naive and Previously Vaccinated Populations: Undiluted and Diluted Lancy-Vaxina Vaccine in a Single-Blind, Randomized, Prospective Trial

We conducted a single-blind, randomized trial of 2 dilutions (1:1 or 1:10) of Lancy-Vaxina vaccine (Berna Biotech) in vaccinia-naive persons (n=36) and persons previously vaccinated >25 years ago (n=76). All vaccinees responded successfully to the vaccination. There were no significant differences in the size of the skin lesions, the number of adverse events, the amount of viral...