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Diffusion and butterfly velocity at finite density

We study diffusion and butterfly velocity (v B ) in two holographic models, linear axion and axion-dilaton model, with a momentum relaxation parameter (β) at finite density or chemical potential (μ). Axion-dilaton model is particularly interesting since it shows linear-T -resistivity, which may have something to do with the universal bound of diffusion. At finite density, there...

Surface counterterms and regularized holographic complexity

The holographic complexity is UV divergent. As a finite complexity, we propose a “regularized complexity” by employing a similar method to the holographic renor-malization. We add codimension-two boundary counterterms which do not contain any boundary stress tensor information. It means that we subtract only non-dynamic back-ground and all the dynamic information of holographic...

Homes’ law in holographic superconductor with Q-lattices

Homes’ law, ρ s = Cσ DC T c , is an empirical law satisfied by various superconductors with a material independent universal constant C, where ρ s is the superfluid density at zero temperature, T c is the critical temperature, and σ DC is the electric DC conductivity in the normal state close to T c . We study Homes’ law in holographic superconductor with Q-lattices and find that...