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Electrically Tunable Fano Resonance from the Coupling between Interband Transition in Monolayer Graphene and Magnetic Dipole in Metamaterials

Laboratory of Millimeter Waves under Grant No. K201821, and the NUPTSF under Grant No. NY217045. Author Contributions Bo Liu, Chaojun Tang and Jing Chen did the calculations. Chaojun Tang and Jing Chen wrote ... the manuscript. Chaojun Tang and Jing Chen supervised the project. Bo Liu, Chaojun Tang, Jing Chen, Mingwei Zhu, Mingxu Pei, and Xiaoqin Zhu discussed the results and reviewed the manuscript

The Coupling Effects of Surface Plasmon Polaritons and Magnetic Dipole Resonances in Metamaterials

We numerically investigate the coupling effects of surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) and magnetic dipole (MD) resonances in metamaterials, which are composed of an Ag nanodisk array and a SiO2 spacer on an Ag substrate. The periodicity of the Ag nanodisk array leads to the excitation of SPPs at the surface of the Ag substrate. The near-field plasmon interactions between...

Engineering the Complex-Valued Constitutive Parameters of Metamaterials for Perfect Absorption

We theoretically studied how to directly engineer the constitutive parameters of metamaterials for perfect absorbers of electromagnetic waves. As an example, we numerically investigated the necessary refractive index n and extinction coefficient k and the relative permittivity ε and permeability μ of a metamaterial anti-reflection layer, which could cancel the reflection from a...

Toroidal Dipolar Excitation in Metamaterials Consisting of Metal nanodisks and a Dielectrc Spacer on Metal Substrate

Contributions Chaojun Tang, Qiugu Wang and Jing Chen did the calculations. Chaojun Tang, Qiugu Wang and Jing Chen wrote the manuscript. Chaojun Tang, Jing Chen and Fanxin Liu supervised the project. Chaojun Tang

In vitro and in vivo investigations on the effects of low-density lipoprotein concentration polarization and haemodynamics on atherosclerotic localization in rabbit and zebrafish

Atherosclerosis (AS) commonly occurs in the regions of the arterial tree with haemodynamic peculiarities, including local flow field disturbances, and formation of swirling flow and vortices. The aim of our study was to confirm low-density lipoprotein (LDL) concentration polarization in the vascular system in vitro and in vivo, and investigate the effects of LDL concentration...

Surface wettability of plasma SiOx:H nanocoating-induced endothelial cells' migration and the associated FAK-Rho GTPases signalling pathways

Yang Shen Guixue Wang Xianliang Huang Qin Zhang Jiang Wu Chaojun Tang Qingsong Yu 0 Center for Surface Science and Plasma Technology, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of