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A Targeting Microbubble for Ultrasound Molecular Imaging

Rationale Microbubbles conjugated with targeting ligands are used as contrast agents for ultrasound molecular imaging. However, they often contain immunogenic (strept)avidin, which impedes application in humans. Although targeting bubbles not employing the biotin-(strept)avidin conjugation chemistry have been explored, only a few reached the stage of ultrasound imaging in vivo...

Microbubbles combined with ultrasound therapy in ischemic stroke: A systematic review of in-vivo preclinical studies

, Ayache Bouakaz. Data curation: Laurent Auboire, Charles A. Sennoga. Formal analysis: Laurent Auboire. Investigation: Laurent Auboire. Methodology: Laurent Auboire. Project administration: Laurent ... Auboire, Ayache Bouakaz. Supervision: FrancËois Tranquart, Ayache Bouakaz. Validation: Charles A. Sennoga, Jean-Michel Escoffre, Ayache Bouakaz. Writing ± original draft: Laurent Auboire, Charles A