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Direct targets of pSTAT5 signalling in erythropoiesis

R. Gillinder, Hugh Tuckey, Charles C. Bell, Graham W. Magor, Stephen Huang, Melissa D. Ilsley. Project administration: Andrew C. Perkins. Resources: Andrew C. Perkins. Supervision: Kevin R ... . Gillinder, Stephen Huang, Andrew C. Perkins. Validation: Hugh Tuckey, Charles C. Bell. Visualization: Kevin R. Gillinder, Hugh Tuckey, Graham W. Magor, Stephen Huang, Melissa D. Ilsley. Writing ± original

A high-throughput screening strategy for detecting CRISPR-Cas9 induced mutations using next-generation sequencing

Background CRISPR-Cas9 is a revolutionary genome editing technique that allows for efficient and directed alterations of the eukaryotic genome. This relatively new technology has already been used in a large number of ‘loss of function’ experiments in cultured cells. Despite its simplicity and efficiency, screening for mutated clones remains time-consuming, laborious and/or ...