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On the Variation and Abundance of Sirex Nitidus Harris

International Journal of Variation and Abundance of Sirex nitidus BY CHARLES W. JOHNSON 0 0 Boston Society of Natural History Dr. Frederic T. Lewis has obtained a large and interesting series of a

Descriptions of Some New Tropical Pachygastrinæ

International Journal of DESCRIPTIONS OF SOME NEW TROPICAL PACHYGASTRIN BY CHARLES W. JOHNSON Boston Society of Natural History. In describing a species of Psephiocerafrom Jamaica, my attention was

Survey of Washington Search and Seizure Law: 2013 Update

Justice Charles W. Johnson Justice Debra L. Stephens TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.0 Defining “Search” Pre-Katz: “Constitutionally Protected 1.1 Defining “Search” Post-Katz: The “Reasonable Expectation of 1.2 ... Defining “Search” Post-Katz: “Constitutionally * Associate Chief Justice Charles W. Johnson has served on the Washington State Supreme Court since 1991. From 1995 to 2010 he taught Washington State

Survey of Washington Search and Seizure Law: 2005 Update

This article serves as a source to which the Washington lawyer, judge, law enforcement officer, and others can turn to as an authoritative starting point for researching Washington search and seizure law. In order to be useful as a research tool, revisions to the law and new cases interpreting the Washington Constitution and the United States Constitution require periodic updates...

The Origin of Article I, Section 7 of the Washington State Constitution

oath or affirmation, and - t Associate Chief Justice Charles W. Johnson, Washington State Supreme Court, 1991 to present; B.A. University of Washington, 1974; J.D. University of Puget Sound (now ... comments. Also, a special thanks to Justice Charles W. Johnson for his thoughts and encouragement, without which this Article would not have been possible. 1.State v. Gibbons, 118 Wash. 171, 184, 203 P. 390

Survey of Washington Search and Seizure Law: 1998 Update

Constitution and the United States Constitution have made an update imperative once again. The Seattle University Law Review is pleased to have Justice Charles W. Johnson continue these efforts in this 1998

Theme and Variations

State constitutions are worth the attention. They are, and have always been, different from the United States Constitution. Because state constitutions are typically easier to replace or amend than the United States Constitution, they reflect the political movements that have swept the country from time to time. As Professor Tarr has observed, provisions based in Jacksonian...