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Analysis of Charge Redistribution During Self-discharge of Double-Layer Supercapacitors

Self-discharge is an important factor that severely affects the performance of double-layer supercapacitors. This paper studies the self-discharge behavior of double-layer supercapacitors with experimental and modeling methods. The movement of ions, side-reactions, and instability of the double layer are taken into consideration. The influence of various factors, such as the...

Mechano-stimulated modifications in the chloroplast antioxidant system and proteome changes are associated with cold response in wheat

Background Mechanical wounding can cause morphological and developmental changes in plants, which may affect the responses to abiotic stresses. However, the mechano-stimulation triggered regulation network remains elusive. Here, the mechano-stimulation was applied at two different times during the growth period of wheat before exposing the plants to cold stress (5.6 °C lower...