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International Questionnaire Postal Response Rate: An experiment comparing no return postage to provision of International Postage Vouchers – "Coupon-Réponse International"

" Cheryl Carling* 0 Address: Informed Choice Research Department, Norwegian Health Services Research Centre , Postboks 7004 St. Olavs Plass, 0130 Oslo , Norway Background: Previous studies of methods to

How Should the Impact of Different Presentations of Treatment Effects on Patient Choice Be Evaluated? A Pilot Randomized Trial

Background Different presentations of treatment effects can affect decisions. However, previous studies have not evaluated which presentations best help people make decisions that are consistent with their own values. We undertook a pilot study to compare different methods for doing this. Methods and Findings We conducted an Internet-based randomized trial comparing summary...

A Televised, Web-Based Randomised Trial of an Herbal Remedy (Valerian) for Insomnia

BackgroundThis trial was conducted as part of a project that aims to enhance public understanding and use of research in decisions about healthcare by enabling viewers to participate in research and to follow the process, through television reports and on the web. Valerian is an herbal over-the-counter drug that is widely used for insomnia. Systematic reviews have found...