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Impact of supplementation with a food-derived microbial community on obesity-associated inflammation and gut microbiota composition

Background Obesity is a complex pathology associated with dysbiosis, metabolic alterations, and low-grade chronic inflammation promoted by immune cells, infiltrating and populating the adipose tissue. Probiotic supplementation was suggested to be capable of counteracting obesity-associated immune and microbial alterations, based on its proven immunomodulatory activity and...

Antibiotic resistance determinants in the interplay between food and gut microbiota

Chiara Devirgiliis 0 Simona Barile 0 Giuditta Perozzi 0 0 C. Devirgiliis S. Barile G. Perozzi (&) INRAN, National Research Institute on Food and Nutrition , Via Ardeatina 546, 00178 Rome, Italy A