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Examination of the perceived agility and balance during a reactive agility task

Contributions Conceptualization: Leia Stirling. Formal analysis: Leia Stirling, Chika Eke, Stephen M. Cain. Funding acquisition: Leia Stirling. Methodology: Leia Stirling, Chika Eke, Stephen M. Cain. Writing ... ± original draft: Leia Stirling. Writing ± review & editing: Leia Stirling, Chika Eke, Stephen M. Cain. 13 / 14 6. 1. Webb PW . ManeuverabilityÐGeneral issues . IEEE J Ocean Eng . 2004 ; 29 ( 3 ): 547 ± 55

The impact of the World Health Organization 8-steps in wheelchair service provision in wheelchair users in a less resourced setting: a cohort study in Indonesia

Background For people who have a mobility impairment, access to an appropriate wheelchair is an important step towards social inclusion and participation. The World Health Organization Guidelines for the Provision of Manual Wheelchairs in Less Resourced Settings emphasize the eight critical steps for appropriate wheelchair services, which include: referral, assessment...