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Incidence of sexually transmitted infections during pregnancy

. Teasdale, Elaine J. Abrams, Mary Ann Chiasson, Kelly Blanchard, Heidi E. Jones. Data curation: Chloe A. Teasdale, Kelly Blanchard. Formal analysis: Chloe A. Teasdale. Methodology: Chloe A. Teasdale, Mary ... Ann Chiasson, Jessica Justman, Kelly Blanchard, Heidi E. Jones. Project administration: Kelly Blanchard. Supervision: Elaine J. Abrams, Heidi E. Jones. Validation: Chloe A. Teasdale. Writing

Determinants of Mortality and Loss to Follow-Up among Adults Enrolled in HIV Care Services in Rwanda

Background Antiretroviral therapy (ART) improves morbidity and mortality in patients with HIV, however high rates of loss to follow-up (LTF) and mortality have been documented in HIV care and treatment programs. Methods We analyzed routinely-collected data on HIV-infected patients ≥15 years enrolled at 41 healthcare facilities in Rwanda from 2005 to 2010. LTF was defined as not...