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Aged blood factors decrease cellular responses associated with delayed gingival wound repair

Aging is a gradual biological process characterized by a decrease in cell and organism functions. Gingival wound healing is one of the impaired processes found in old rats. Here, we studied the in vivo wound healing process using a gingival repair rat model and an in vitro model using human gingival fibroblast for cellular responses associated to wound healing. To do that, we...

Citizenship Education and Liberalism: A State of the Debate Analysis 1990–2010

What kind of citizenship education, if any, should schools in liberal societies promote? And what ends is such education supposed to serve? Over the last decades a respectable body of literature has emerged to address these and related issues. In this state of the debate analysis we examine a sample of journal articles dealing with these very issues spanning a twenty-year period...

El tamaño de la influencia: Gauchesca, criollismo y nación. Sarmiento y Güiraldes leídos por Borges

IN T I N ° Christian Fernández 0 0 Louisiana State University , USA E n la actualidad, cuando se habla de literatura latinoam ericana o de literatura en general, uno de los prim eros nom bres, sino