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Longitudinal validity and reliability of the Myeloma Patient Outcome Scale (MyPOS) was established using traditional, generalizability and Rasch psychometric methods

Department of Palliative Care, Policy and Rehabilitation, School of Medicine, Cicely Saunders Institute, King's College London , London SE5 9PJ , UK 2 & Christina Ramsenthaler 3 Department of Palliative Care

The impact of disease-related symptoms and palliative care concerns on health-related quality of life in multiple myeloma: a multi-centre study

Background Multiple myeloma, the second most common haematological cancer, remains incurable. Its incidence is rising due to population ageing. Despite the impact of the disease and its treatment, not much is known on who is most in need of supportive and palliative care. This study aimed to (a) assess symptom severity, palliative care concerns and health-related quality of life...

Improving the assessment of quality of life in the clinical care of myeloma patients: the development and validation of the Myeloma Patient Outcome Scale (MyPOS)

Background Multiple myeloma is an incurable cancer with a rising incidence globally. Less toxic treatments are increasingly available, so patients are living longer and treatment decisions are increasingly guided by QOL concerns. There is no QOL assessment tool designed specifically for use in the clinical care of people with myeloma. This study aimed to develop and test the...

Understanding what matters most to people with multiple myeloma: a qualitative study of views on quality of life

Background Multiple myeloma is an incurable haematological cancer that affects physical, psychological and social domains of quality of life (QOL). Treatment decisions are increasingly guided by QOL issues, creating a need to monitor QOL within clinical practice. The development of myeloma-specific QOL questionnaires has been limited by a paucity of research to fully characterise...