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Mind the gap: The role of mindfulness in adapting to increasing risk and climate change

, 221 00 Lund , Sweden 1 Handled by Akhilesh Surjan, Charles Darwin University , Darwin, Northern Territory , Australia 2 Christine Wamsler It is becoming clear that increasingly complex global

A framework for the joint institutionalization of climate change mitigation and adaptation in city administrations

Cities are key actors in reducing both the causes of climate change (mitigation) and its impact (adaptation), and many have developed separate mitigation and adaptation strategies and measures. However, in order to maximize outcomes, both scholars and practitioners are increasingly calling for more integrated and synergetic approaches. Unfortunately, related research remains...

Mainstreaming climate adaptation: taking stock about “what works” from empirical research worldwide

Adaptation to a changing climate is unavoidable. Mainstreaming climate adaptation objectives into existing policies, as opposed to developing dedicated adaptation policy, is widely advocated for public action. However, knowledge on what makes mainstreaming effective is scarce and fragmented. Against this background, this paper takes stock of peer-reviewed empirical analyses of...

Mindfulness in sustainability science, practice, and teaching

This paper explores the current role of mindfulness in sustainability science, practice, and teaching. Based on a qualitative literature review that is complemented by an experimental learning lab, we sketch the patterns and core conceptual trajectories of the mindfulness–sustainability relationship. In addition, we assess this relationship within the field of climate change...

Making headway in climate policy mainstreaming and ecosystem-based adaptation: two pioneering countries, different pathways, one goal

, Sweden 2 Christine Wamsler Ecosystem-based adaptation (i.e. the use of ecosystem services to adapt to climate change) and its mainstreaming into municipal planning to foster sustainable transformation is

On the road to ‘research municipalities’: analysing transdisciplinarity in municipal ecosystem services and adaptation planning

Transdisciplinary research and collaboration is widely acknowledged as a critical success factor for solution-oriented approaches that can tackle complex sustainability challenges, such as biodiversity loss, pollution, and climate-related hazards. In this context, city governments’ engagement in transdisciplinarity is generally seen as a key condition for societal transformation...

Priority areas in municipality planning: ecosystem services, environmental impact assessments and research areas

Beery 0 K Ingemar Jönsson 0 Christine Wamsler¤ Ebba Brink¤ Per Schubert« Nils Ekelund« 0 Kristianstad University, Kristianstad, Sweden ¤ Lund University, Lund, Sweden « Malmö University , Malmö , Sweden