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HPV Vaccine utilization, Alberta 2008/09 – 2013/14 School year

Background In Canada both bivalent (bHPV) vaccine and quadrivalent HPV vaccine (qHPV) are authorized for use. In Alberta, while both vaccines are available for private purchase, only qHPV is publicly funded for school girls in grades 5 and 9 as of 2013. We describe HPV vaccine uptake in Alberta, by school year, from the start of the publicly funded program in the Fall of 2008...

Novel regional age-associated DNA methylation changes within human common disease-associated loci

Background Advancing age progressively impacts on risk and severity of chronic disease. It also modifies the epigenome, with changes in DNA methylation, due to both random drift and variation within specific functional loci. Results In a discovery set of 2238 peripheral-blood genome-wide DNA methylomes aged 19–82 years, we identify 71 age-associated differentially methylated...

Non-Diabetic Hyperglycemia Exacerbates Disease Severity in Mycobacterium tuberculosis Infected Guinea Pigs

Hyperglycemia, the diagnostic feature of diabetes also occurs in non-diabetics associated with chronic inflammation and systemic insulin resistance. Since the increased risk of active TB in diabetics has been linked to the severity and duration of hyperglycemia, we investigated what effect diet-induced hyperglycemia had on the severity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb...

Regulators of Human White Adipose Browning: Evidence for Sympathetic Control and Sexual Dimorphic Responses to Sprint Interval Training

The conversion of white adipose to the highly thermogenic beige adipose tissue has been proposed as a potential strategy to counter the unfavorable consequences of obesity. Three regulators of this conversion have recently emerged but information regarding their control is limited, and contradictory. We present two studies examining the control of these regulators. Study 1: In 10...

Chronic Sympathetic Activation: Consequence and Cause of Age-Associated Obesity?

Douglas R. Seals Christopher Bell - FIG. 1. Integrated working hypothesis explaining the effects of primary adult aging on peripheral SNS activity and its modulation of energy expenditure in humans