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Restoration of motor control and proprioceptive and cutaneous sensation in humans with prior upper-limb amputation via multiple Utah Slanted Electrode Arrays (USEAs) implanted in residual peripheral arm nerves

Despite advances in sophisticated robotic hands, intuitive control of and sensory feedback from these prostheses has been limited to only 3-degrees-of-freedom (DOF) with 2 sensory percepts in closed-loop control. A Utah Slanted Electrode Array (USEA) has been used in the past to provide up to 81 sensory percepts for human amputees. Here, we report on the advanced capabilities of ...

αCP binding to a cytosine-rich subset of polypyrimidine tracts drives a novel pathway of cassette exon splicing in the mammalian transcriptome

Alternative splicing (AS) is a robust generator of mammalian transcriptome complexity. Splice site specification is controlled by interactions of cis-acting determinants on a transcript with specific RNA binding proteins. These interactions are frequently localized to the intronic U-rich polypyrimidine tracts (PPT) located 5′ to the majority of splice acceptor junctions. αCPs (also ...

Out of Conformity: China's Capacity to Implement World Trade Organization Dispute Settlement Body Decisions After Accession

DISPUTE SETTLEMENT BODY DECISIONS AFTER ACCESSION CHRISTOPHER DUNCAN* Associate, Joan M. Wilbon & Associates, Washington, D.C. J.D., University of Hawaii, William S. Richardson School of Law (2000). LL.M