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Protein-protein conjugate nanoparticles for malaria antigen delivery and enhanced immunogenicity

, Patrick E. Duffy. Formal analysis: Emma Barnafo, David L. Narum. Funding acquisition: Patrick E. Duffy. Investigation: Puthupparampil V. Scaria, Beth Chen, Christopher G. Rowe, Charles Anderson, David L ... . Narum. Methodology: Puthupparampil V. Scaria, Beth Chen, Christopher G. Rowe, Emma Barnafo, Elizabeth R. Fischer, Charles Anderson, Lynn Lambert, Kelly M. Rausch. Resources: Nicholas J. MacDonald

A Method for Producing Protein Nanoparticles with Applications in Vaccines

A practical method is described for synthesizing conjugated protein nanoparticles using thioether (thiol-maleimide) cross-linking chemistry. This method fills the need for a reliable and reproducible synthesis of protein conjugate vaccines for preclinical studies, which can be adapted to produce comparable material for clinical studies. The described method appears to be...