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The Association between Sexist Games and Diminished Empathy Remains Tenuous: Lessons from Gabbiadini et al. (2017) and Gabbiadini et al. (2016) Regarding Sensationalism and Accuracy in Media Research

., DeLand, FL 32729 , USA 2 Christopher J. Ferguson dismayed by their multiple and subsequently opaque accounts about how youth were assigned to video game conditions. 1. 13 April 2016. In the initial ... authors declare that they have no competing interests. Christopher J. Ferguson is a professor of psychology at Stetson University. His research interests include video game effects and other media effects

Violent Video Games Don’t Increase Hostility in Teens, but They Do Stress Girls Out

The impact of violent video games (VVGs) on youth remains unclear given inconsistent results in past literature. Most previous experimental studies have been done with college students, not youth. The current study examined the impact of VVGs in an experimental study of teens (12–18). Participants were randomized to play either a violent or non-violent video game. Teens also...