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Anterior mediastinal tumour identified by intraoperative transesophageal echocardiography

Chun-Ming Lin Jee-Ching Hsu Purpose: To report a child with anterior mediastinal tumour misdiagnosed as pericardial effusion who had been sent to the operating theatre for drainage. After induction

Postoperative coma in a patient with complete basilar syndrome after anterior cervical discectomy

Yung-Fong Tsai Anthony G. Doufas Cheng-Sen Huang Fu-Chao Liou Chun-Ming Lin md [Coma postopratoire chez un patient atteint d'un syndrome basilaire complet Purpose: Ischemic brainstem stroke

Recurrent seizure activity after epidural morphine in a post-partum woman

Chih-Jen Shih Anthony G. Doufas Hsu-Chu Chang Chun-Ming Lin [Activit pileptique rcurrente aprs une anesthsie pridurale avec morphine Purpose: We report on a primiparous woman who suffered recurrent

Sitting position does not alter minimum alveolar concentration for desflurane

Purpose Hypotension is a common complication of the sitting position during anesthesia, and is often counteracted by decreasing anesthetic depth, thereby exposing patients to the risk of being inadequately anesthetized. Baroreceptor unloading and the consequent sympathoexcitation, as during head up tilt, decreases pain threshold and arouses the central nervous system (CNS...