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Beyond Coercion: The New Politics of Conflict Processing in China

stability keeping, this approach of conflict processing seems to be less costly and more sustainable. Of course, its dynamics and effectiveness deserve further examination. Chunrong Liu is Associate ... Copenhagen. His research interests include state–society relations, contentious politics and collaborative governance. Chunrong Liu received a Ph.D. in applied social sciences (2005) from City University of

Low Temperature Induced Changes in Citrate Metabolism in Ponkan (Citrus reticulata Blanco cv. Ponkan) Fruit during Maturation

Chunrong Liu, who is the responsible person of the institute (Chunrong Liu, E-mail: ). Twelve fruit were selected at each sampling point at 60 (S1), 90 (S2), 120 (S3), 150 (S4), 180 (S5), 195 (S6), 210 (S7