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Characterisation of North American Brucella isolates from marine mammals

Conceptualization: Adrian M. Whatmore. Investigation: Claire Dawson, Jakub Muchowski, Lorraine L. Perrett, Emma Stubberfield, Mark Koylass. Project administration: Adrian M. Whatmore. Resources: Geoffrey Foster ... , Nicholas J. Davison, Christine Quance, Inga F. Sidor, Cara L. Field, Judy St. Leger. Visualization: Claire Dawson, Jakub Muchowski, Emma Stubberfield. Writing ± original draft: Adrian M. Whatmore

Uncoupling Antisense-Mediated Silencing and DNA Methylation in the Imprinted Gnas Cluster

There is increasing evidence that non-coding macroRNAs are major elements for silencing imprinted genes, but their mechanism of action is poorly understood. Within the imprinted Gnas cluster on mouse chromosome 2, Nespas is a paternally expressed macroRNA that arises from an imprinting control region and runs antisense to Nesp, a paternally repressed protein coding transcript...