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Exploring the quiet eye in archery using field- and laboratory-based tasks

1 Claudia C. Gonzalez 2 A. Mark Williams 3 Department of Health , Kinesiology, and Recreation , College of Health, The University of Utah , Salt Lake City, UT 84112 , USA 4 Research Institute for

Cognitive Control of Saccadic Eye Movements in Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder

The ability to use advance information to prepare and execute a movement requires cognitive control of behaviour (e.g., anticipation and inhibition). Our aim was to explore the integrity of saccadic eye movement control in developmental coordination disorder (DCD) and typically developing (TD) children (8–12 years) and assess how these children plan and inhibit saccadic responses...

Looking to Learn: The Effects of Visual Guidance on Observational Learning of the Golf Swing

Skilled performers exhibit more efficient gaze patterns than less-skilled counterparts do and they look more frequently at task-relevant regions than at superfluous ones. We examine whether we may guide novices’ gaze towards relevant regions during action observation in order to facilitate their learning of a complex motor skill. In a Pre-test-Post-test examination of changes in...

Children and Older Adults Exhibit Distinct Sub-Optimal Cost-Benefit Functions when Preparing to Move Their Eyes and Hands

Numerous activities require an individual to respond quickly to the correct stimulus. The provision of advance information allows response priming but heightened responses can cause errors (responding too early or reacting to the wrong stimulus). Thus, a balance is required between the online cognitive mechanisms (inhibitory and anticipatory) used to prepare and execute a motor...