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Radiation protection in paediatrics age

Sergio Salerno 0 Claudia Geraci 0 0 Dipartimento di Biopatologia e Biotecnologie Mediche e Forensi, Universita di Palermo , Italy References 1. Sanchez R, Khong PL, Ringertz H: Radiologic protection

Next Generation Semiconductor Based Sequencing of the Donkey (Equus asinus) Genome Provided Comparative Sequence Data against the Horse Genome and a Few Millions of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms

Few studies investigated the donkey (Equus asinus) at the whole genome level so far. Here, we sequenced the genome of two male donkeys using a next generation semiconductor based sequencing platform (the Ion Proton sequencer) and compared obtained sequence information with the available donkey draft genome (and its Illumina reads from which it was originated) and with the EquCab2...

A Next Generation Semiconductor Based Sequencing Approach for the Identification of Meat Species in DNA Mixtures

The identification of the species of origin of meat and meat products is an important issue to prevent and detect frauds that might have economic, ethical and health implications. In this paper we evaluated the potential of the next generation semiconductor based sequencing technology (Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine) for the identification of DNA from meat species (pig...