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No difference in effectiveness of treatment simplification to boosted or unboosted atazanavir plus lamivudine in virologically suppressed in HIV-1-infected patients

Background Simplification strategies of antiretroviral treatment represent effective tools for the reduction of drug-induced toxicity, resistance mutations in case of virological failure and costs. Objectives To assess the effectiveness of simplification to atazanavir/ritonavir (ATVrtv) or unboosted atazanavir (ATV400) plus lamivudine, and if low plasma or intracellular ATV...

High quality of life, treatment tolerability, safety and efficacy in HIV patients switching from triple therapy to lopinavir/ritonavir monotherapy: A randomized clinical trial

Trial design The QoLKAMON study evaluated quality of life, efficacy and treatment safety in HIV patients receiving lopinavir/ritonavir in monotherapy (MT) versus continuing combined antiretroviral triple treatment with a boosted protease inhibitor (TT). Methods This was a 24-week, open-label, multicentre study in virologically-suppressed HIV-infected participants (N = 225) with a...

Distribution of Bartonella henselae Variants in Patients, Reservoir Hosts and Vectors in Spain

We have studied the diversity of B. henselae circulating in patients, reservoir hosts and vectors in Spain. In total, we have fully characterized 53 clinical samples from 46 patients, as well as 78 B. henselae isolates obtained from 35 cats from La Rioja and Catalonia (northeastern Spain), four positive cat blood samples from which no isolates were obtained, and three positive...