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The neural response properties and cortical organization of a rapidly adapting muscle sensory group response that overlaps with the frequencies that elicit the kinesthetic illusion

, and Ben Jiang for their assistance. Conceptualization: Paul D. Marasco, Dennis J. Bourbeau. Data curation: Paul D. Marasco. Formal analysis: Paul D. Marasco, Dennis J. Bourbeau, Courtney E. Shell ... . Shell, Rafael Granja-Vazquez, Jason G. Ina. Project administration: Paul D. Marasco. Resources: Paul D. Marasco. Software: Courtney E. Shell. Supervision: Paul D. Marasco. Visualization: Paul D

A Method of Altering Coronal Plane Prosthetic Foot Stiffness for Studying its Effect on Amputee Gait

In an effort to understand the effects of prosthetic foot stiffness on amputee gait and mobility, it is useful to produce prototype prosthetic feet that differ in stiffness. While many commercial prosthetic feet are made out of carbon fiber, the manufacturing process is ill-suited to design experimentation as it is expensive, time consuming and requires tooling modifications to ...