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Forgotten Bones: Uncovering a Slave Cemetery

ScholarsArchive Citation Author Lois Miner Huey Illustrator Reviewer Cynthia Frazier Rating Outstanding Level Intermediate, Young Adult Publisher Millbrook Press ISBN 9781467733939 Book Review

Lost Cat

by an authorized editor of BYU ScholarsArchive. For more information , please contact 1 Title: Lost Cat Author: C. Roger Mader Reviewer: Cynthia Frazier Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publication

If You're Reading This

Everyone said that Mike’s dad was a hero and that he died fighting for his county, but that didn’t make being fatherless an easy thing to live with. About eight years later, just before Mike's sixteenth birthday, the first letter appears in the mailbox. It begins, “Dear Michael, If you’re reading this . . .” The letters are like a conversation with the man who had died when he...

The Rule of Three

The Rule of Thr Cynthia Frazier Follow this and additional works at; http; //scholarsarchive; byu; edu/cbmr - Book Review Review When the lights went out in Adam Daley’s high school it wasn’t an

The Rule of Three #2: Fight for Power

The Rule of Thr Cynthia Frazier - Book Review Review In this second book of The Rule of Three series, the people of Eden Mills are now 66 days into a worldwide blackout. The community continues to

The Rule of Three #3: Will to Survive

The Rule of Thr Cynthia Frazier BYU ScholarsArchive Citation Follow this and additional works at: - Book Review Review The exciting conclusion to The Rule of

Six of Crows #2: Crooked Kingdom

Crooked Kingdom, the second in the Six of Crows duology, continues the story of Kaz and his gang of misfits. After being cheated out of the reward money for accomplishing a dangerous mission, Inej is kidnapped and held captive by the heartless and scheming Van Eck. If they give into the demands and trade Kuwai for Inej, Grisha everywhere would be in peril and their gifts...

Caddy's World

Caddy 's World Cynthia Frazier Follow this and additional works at; http; //scholarsarchive; byu; edu/cbmr - Book Review Review Caddy and her three friends Alison, Ruby, and Beth have been

A Hundred Horses

Eleven year old Nell leads a very busy life full of classes and clubs that she hates. Now she is being forced to spend her spring break in the country with an aunt she can’t remember and two small cousins she doesn’t even want to get to know. On top of that, a suitcase containing a special project has been stolen by someone riding a big black and white horse. Somewhere between...

Bob and Flo: Penguin Friends at Preschool

: Rebecca Ashdown Reviewer: Cynthia Frazier Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publication Year: 2015 ISBN: 9780544444300 Number of Pages: 27 Interest Level: Toddler, Preschool Rating: Excellent Review On

Hauling a Pumpkin: Wheels and Axles vs. Lever

Noah is visiting a pumpkin patch and wants to get a large pumpkin. But he finds that it is too heavy for him to lift! His mom takes the opportunity to teach Noah about using tools to help lift and move the pumpkin. First he learns about using a lever. The handle of a shovel is the arm of the lever. When putting the shovel next to a log, the arm turns on a fulcrum as it is moved...

The Littlest Witch's Story

What does a little witch do when her mother won’t let her go out riding her broom late at night? Winnie the witch has a plan to give Mamma witch a potion that would cause her to fall asleep; then Winnie can zoom through the skies. But instead of getting sleepy, Winnie’s mom is full of energy! Winnie however is having a hard time staying awake and she just can’t figure out why...


Owning a dog is not always easy, but in this story about Patch and his boy they are “buddies through thick and thin.” Three delightful short stories show Patch’s encounter with a prickly bush when chasing rabbits, sleeping outside in the dog house when he has fleas, and failing miserably in a contest of dog tricks even when he could do the tricks perfectly in practice. In each...

Scary Tales #1: Home Sweet Horror

Mr. Finn and his two children Liam and Kelly, and their dog Doolin have moved to upstate New York to start a new job. The family, still suffering the effects of the death of their wife and mother eighteen months before, has purchased an old house; a fixer-upper. The dilapidated house is full of weird creaks and groans, but that doesn't explain the screams, doors slamming shut by...

Tractor Mac: Harvest Time

Life on a farm in the autumn is a busy time. The farm across the road from Stony Meadow is having its annual Pumpkin Picking Festival. Families come every year to pick out their pumpkins, ride on a hay wagon, guess the largest pumpkin’s weight, find their way through the maze, and eat yummy food. All of the animals on the farms are excited about the season also. But Mac and Small...