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c-Src kinase is involved in the tyrosine phosphorylation and activity of SLC11A1 in differentiating macrophages

Xu, Danuta Radzioch. Formal analysis: Yong Zhong Xu, Thusanth Thuraisingam, Cynthia Kanagaratham. Funding acquisition: Danuta Radzioch. Investigation: Yong Zhong Xu, Thusanth Thuraisingam, Cynthia ... Kanagaratham. Methodology: Yong Zhong Xu, Thusanth Thuraisingam, Cynthia Kanagaratham, Shao Tao. Project administration: Yong Zhong Xu, Danuta Radzioch. Resources: Yong Zhong Xu, Danuta Radzioch. Supervision

A prognostic model for development of significant liver fibrosis in HIV-hepatitis C co-infection

Background Liver fibrosis progresses rapidly in HIV-Hepatitis C virus (HCV) co-infected individuals partially due to heightened inflammation. Immune markers targeting stages of fibrogenesis could aid in prognosis of fibrosis. Methods A case-cohort study was nested in the prospective Canadian Co-infection Cohort (n = 1119). HCV RNA positive individuals without fibrosis, end-stage...

Mapping of a Chromosome 12 Region Associated with Airway Hyperresponsiveness in a Recombinant Congenic Mouse Strain and Selection of Potential Candidate Genes by Expression and Sequence Variation Analyses

In a previous study we determined that BcA86 mice, a strain belonging to a panel of AcB/BcA recombinant congenic strains, have an airway responsiveness phenotype resembling mice from the airway hyperresponsive A/J strain. The majority of the BcA86 genome is however from the hyporesponsive C57BL/6J strain. The aim of this study was to identify candidate regions and genes...

The protective effect of fenretinide against allergic asthma

Cynthia Kanagaratham 1 Gabriella Wojewodka 1 Pierre Camateros 0 Danuta Radzioch 1 From AllerGen NCE Inc.'s Fifth Annual Research Conference: Innovation from Cell to Society Qubec City QC Canada

Distinct Tryptophan Catabolism and Th17/Treg Balance in HIV Progressors and Elite Controllers

Tryptophan (Trp) catabolism into immunosuppressive kynurenine (Kyn) by indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) was previously linked to Th17/Treg differentiation and immune activation. Here we examined Trp catabolism and its impact on Th17/Treg balance in uninfected healthy subjects (HS) and a large cohort of HIV-infected patients with different clinical outcomes: ART-naïve...

Gene-Metabolite Expression in Blood Can Discriminate Allergen-Induced Isolated Early from Dual Asthmatic Responses

Some asthmatic individuals undergoing allergen inhalation challenge develop an isolated early response whereas others develop a dual response (early plus late response). In the present study we have used transcriptomics (microarrays) and metabolomics (mass spectrometry) of peripheral blood to identify molecular patterns that can discriminate allergen-induced isolated early from...