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Same but different? Measurement invariance of the PIAAC motivation-to-learn scale across key socio-demographic groups

. Maehler Judith Offerhaus 0 Department of Psychology, Faculty of Psychology and Sports Science, Bielefeld University , PO Box 10 01 31, 33501 Bielefeld , Germany Background: Data from the Programme for the

Coverage of the migrant population in large-scale assessment surveys. Experiences from PIAAC in Germany

Background European countries, and especially Germany, are currently very much affected by human migration flows, with the result that the task of integration has become a challenge. Only very little empirical evidence on topics such as labor market participation and processes of social integration of migrant subpopulations is available to date from large-scale population surveys...

Who likes to learn new things: measuring adult motivation to learn with PIAAC data from 21 countries

Background Despite the importance of lifelong learning as a key to individual and societal prosperity, we know little about adult motivation to engage in learning across the lifespan. Building on educational psychological approaches, this article presents a measure of Motivation-to-Learn using four items from the background questionnaire of the Programme for the International...