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Journal peer review: a bar or bridge? An analysis of a paper’s revision history and turnaround time, and the effect on citation

Journal peer review lies at the heart of academic quality control. This article explores the journal peer review process and seeks to examine how the reviewing process might itself contribute to papers, leading them to be more highly cited and to achieve greater recognition. Our work builds on previous observations and views expressed in the literature about (a) the role of...

How Understanding the Nature of Corporate Norms Can Prevent Their Destruction by Settlements

HOW UNDERSTANDING THE NATURE OF CORPORATE NORMS CAN PREVENT THEIR DESTRUCTION BY SETTLEMENTS JAMES D. COX 0 1 0 Brainerd Currie Professor of Law, Duke University. Linda Dahl, Shawn Quinn, Yash ... Ranade and Benjamin Unger provided valuable research assistance 1 Copyright © 2016 James D. Cox Scholars have long celebrated the importance of norms in corporate law. Indeed, norms likely guide corporate

Corporate Darwinism: Disciplining Managers In a World with Weak Shareholder Litigation

:// Part of the Law Commons JAMES D. COX** & RANDALL S. THOMAS*** Because representative shareholder litigation has been constrained by numerous legal developments, the corporate governance ... * © 2016 James D. Cox & Randall S. Thomas. ** Brainerd Currie Professor of Law, Duke University School of Law. *** John Beasley Professor of Law and Business, Vanderbilt Law School. We would like to thank

"We're Cool" Statements after Omnicare: Securities Fraud Suits for Failures to Comply with the Law

SUITS FOR FAILURES TO COMPLY WITH THE LAW James D. Cox* UST as there was much celebration in Munchkin Land when Dorothy's house landed on the Wicked Witch of the East, so have securities law

Corporate Law and the Limits of Private Ordering

as abolishing the board of directors or providing dissolution upon the request of any stockholder.33 Consent to 29. See generally 3 JAMES D. COX & THOMAS LEE HAZEN, TREATISE ON THE LAW OF CORPORATIONS ... in the shadow of 96. See generally James D. Cox, The Social Meaning of Shareholder Suits, 65 BROOK. L. REV. 3 (1999) (reviewing how fiduciary obligations, and their enforcement, establish valuable

Iterative Regulation of Securities Markets After Business Roundtable: A Principles-Based Approach

ITERATIVE REGULATION OF SECURITIES MARKETS AFTER BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE: A PRINCIPLES-BASED APPROACH JAMES D. COX I - Copyright © 2015 by James D. Cox. This article is also available at http ... the multiple failings of Business Roundtable II. A close examination of Judge Ginsburg’s errors appears in James D. Cox & Benjamin J.C. Baucom, The Emperor Has No Clothes: Confronting the D.C. Circuit’s

PB.12. Audit and root-cause analysis of classification 2 and 3 interval cancers

and as such can be used as a marker of the tumour bed, thus saving costs associated with clip placement. D Cox*, A Powell Introduction: The definition of an interval cancer is a cancer diagnosed

Introduction to mammalian genome special issue: metabolism

Roger D. Cox 0 0 R. D. Cox (&) Mammalian Genetics Unit , MRC Harwell, Harwell Oxford, Oxfordshire OX11 0RD, UK - I would like to thank my fellow guest editors Professor Stephen ORahilly (FRS


text (observing that courts should play virtually no role in conducting or reviewing cost-benefit analysis of financial regulation). 31. James D. Cox, Iterative Regulation of Securities Markets After

Fraud on the Market After Amgen

See supra notes FRAUD ON THE MARKET AFTER AMGEN JAMES D. COX There are multiple ways investors decide to purchase or sell a security. The classic perspective envisions the investor studiously ... be sure, the professional trader relies on publicly available information but not always the same - Copyright © 2013 James D. Cox. * Brainerd Currie Professor of Law, Duke University School of Law

The Low Noise Limit in Gene Expression

Protein noise measurements are increasingly used to elucidate biophysical parameters. Unfortunately noise analyses are often at odds with directly measured parameters. Here we show that these inconsistencies arise from two problematic analytical choices: (i) the assumption that protein translation rate is invariant for different proteins of different abundances, which has...

Securities Class Action as Public Law

In response to William W. Bratton & Michael L. Wachter, The Political Economy of Fraud on the Market RESPONSE JAMES D. COX 0 0 Brainerd Currie Professor of Law, Duke University School of Law. I am ... fraudulent offerings of securities, heightening managerial responsiveness to owners, and reducing opportunistic behavior. See James D. Cox, Coping in a Global Marketplace: Survival Strategies for a 75-Year Old

The C. elegans Chp/Wrch Ortholog CHW-1 Contributes to LIN-18/Ryk and LIN-17/Frizzled Signaling in Cell Polarity

Wnt signaling controls various aspects of developmental and cell biology, as well as contributing to certain cancers. Expression of the human Rho family small GTPase Wrch/RhoU is regulated by Wnt signaling, and Wrch and its paralog Chp/RhoV are both implicated in oncogenic transformation and regulation of cytoskeletal dynamics. We performed developmental genetic analysis of the...

Mice with an N-Ethyl-N-Nitrosourea (ENU) Induced Tyr209Asn Mutation in Natriuretic Peptide Receptor 3 (NPR3) Provide a Model for Kyphosis Associated with Activation of the MAPK Signaling Pathway

Non-syndromic kyphosis is a common disorder that is associated with significant morbidity and has a strong genetic involvement; however, the causative genes remain to be identified, as such studies are hampered by genetic heterogeneity, small families and various modes of inheritance. To overcome these limitations, we investigated 12 week old progeny of mice treated with the...

An Alternative Approach for Estimating the Accuracy of Colposcopy in Detecting Cervical Precancer

Introduction Since colposcopy helps to detect cervical cancer in its precancerous stages, as new strategies and technologies are developed for the clinical management of cervical neoplasia, precisely determining the accuracy of colposcopy is important for characterizing its continued role. Our objective was to employ a more precise methodology to estimate of the accuracy of...

From Mice to Humans

Fiona McMurray Lee Moir Roger D. Cox 0 ) MRC Harwell, Mammalian Genetics Unit, Medical Research Council, Harwell Science and Innovation Campus , Oxfordshire OX11 0RD, UK The genomes of many species

Transcriptomic analysis of Clostridium thermocellum Populus hydrolysate-tolerant mutant strain shows increased cellular efficiency in response to Populus hydrolysate compared to the wild type strain

Background The thermophilic, anaerobic bacterium, Clostridium thermocellum is a model organism for consolidated processing due to its efficient fermentation of cellulose. Constituents of dilute acid pretreatment hydrolysate are known to inhibit C. thermocellum and other microorganisms. To evaluate the biological impact of this type of hydrolysate, a transcriptomic analysis of...

The effects of HIV testing advocacy messages on test acceptance: a randomized clinical trial

Monica L Kasting 0 Anthony D Cox Dena Cox Kenneth H Fife Barry P Katz Gregory D Zimet 0 Department of Epidemiology, Richard M. Fairbanks School of Public Health , 714 N. Senate Ave. Suite EF250

Natriuretic peptides modulate ATP-sensitive K+ channels in rat ventricular cardiomyocytes

. Burley (&) C. D. Cox J. Zhang K. T. Wann G. F. Baxter Cardiff School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cardiff University , King Edward VII Avenue, Cardiff CF10 3NB , UK B-type natriuretic peptide

Deletion of Nicotinamide Nucleotide Transhydrogenase: A New Quantitive Trait Locus Accounting for Glucose Intolerance in C57BL/6J Mice. Diabetes 2006;55:2153–2156

0 Helen C. Freeman , Alison Hugill, Neil T. Dear, Frances M. Ashcroft, and Roger D. Cox In the article listed above, it was discovered that the Western blot in Fig. 1C was inappropriately