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SCET approach to regularization-scheme dependence of QCD amplitudes

We investigate the regularization-scheme dependence of scattering amplitudes in massless QCD and find that the four-dimensional helicity scheme (FDH) and dimensional reduction (DRED) are consistent at least up to NNLO in the perturbative expansion if renormalization is done appropriately. Scheme dependence is shown to be deeply linked to the structure of UV and IR singularities...

Computation of \(H\rightarrow gg\) in fdh and dred: renormalization, operator mixing, and explicit two-loop results

). arXiv:hep-ph/9310301 21. I. Jack , D. Jones , K. Roberts , Equivalence of dimensional reduction and dimensional regularization , Z. Phys . C 63 , 151 - 160 ( 1994 ). arXiv:hep-ph/9401349 22. D. Stöckinger ... , Regularization by dimensional reduction: consistency, quantum action principle, and supersymmetry . JHEP 0503 , 076 ( 2005 ). arXiv:hep-ph/0503129 23. A. Signer , D. Stöckinger , Factorization and regularization

To \({d}\) , or not to \({d}\) : recent developments and comparisons of regularization schemes

We give an introduction to several regularization schemes that deal with ultraviolet and infrared singularities appearing in higher-order computations in quantum field theories. Comparing the computation of simple quantities in the various schemes, we point out similarities and differences between them.

Physics at the \(e^+ e^-\) linear collider

. Liebler J. List F. Mahmoudi Y. Mambrini S. Matsumoto J. Mnich K. Mönig M. M. Mühlleitner R. Pöschl 7 W. Porod S. Porto K. Rolbiecki M. Schmitt P. Serpico M. Stanitzki O. Stål T. Stefaniak D. Stöckinger G