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High Frequency Non-Invasive Stimulation Over the Spine: Effects on Mood and Mechanical Pain Tolerance in Normal Subjects

We investigated the effects of non-invasive high frequency (625Hz) stimulation over the spine on mechanical pain tolerance and subjective mood. Sixty healthy subjects were divided equally into three groups receiving either high intensity (250 V), low intensity (3–4 V) or sham electrical stimulation directly over the spinal cord for 30 minutes. Following high intensity stimulation...

Strategic Communications for Peace Operations: The African Union’s Information War Against al-Shabaab

Profiles: About Paul D. Paul D. Williams is Associate Professor in the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University. Dr. Williams is also a Non-Resident Senior Adviser at ... . I am also grateful to the two anonymous reviewers for their suggestions. Competing Interests The author has no competing interests to declare. Author Information Paul D. Williams is

Jiří Čejka, Russell E. Morris and Petr Nachtigall (Eds): Zeolites in Catalysis. Properties and Applications

-5 GBP 199.00 2 Craig D. Williams Vol.:(011233456789) - The stated aim of this book is “to provide students with an interest in zeolites an easy to access introduction to the important advances that

Aviation Turbulence: Dynamics, Forecasting, and Response to Climate Change

sensing systems in the US air transport sector . Journal of Air Transport Management , 8 ( 2 ), 99 - 107 . Kim , J.-H. , Chan , W. N. , Sridhar , B. , Sharman , R. D. , Williams , P. D. , & Strahan , M

Estimating nearshore coral reef-associated fisheries production from the main Hawaiian Islands

. 11 / 13 Author Contributions Conceptualization: Kaylyn S. McCoy, Alan M. Friedlander, John N. Kittinger. Formal analysis: Kaylyn S. McCoy, Ivor D. Williams, Alan M. Friedlander, Hongguang Ma ... . Funding acquisition: John N. Kittinger. Writing ± original draft: Kaylyn S. McCoy, Ivor D. Williams, Alan M. Friedlander, Hongguang Ma, Lida Teneva, John N. Kittinger. 12 / 13 1. Pooley SG . Hawaii's

Increased light, moderate, and severe clear-air turbulence in response to climate change

Increased Light, Moderate, and Severe Clear-Air Turbulence in Response to Climate Change Paul D. WILLIAMS 0 0 Department of Meteorology, University of Reading , Reading RG6 6BB , United Kingdom ... Korea . J. Appl. Meteor. Climatol. , 50 , 311 - 324 . Kim , J. -H., W. N. Chan , B. Sridhar , R. D. Sharman , P. D. Williams , and M. Strahan , 2016 : Impact of the North Atlantic Oscillation on

Early detection of pancreatic cancer in mouse models using a novel antibody, TAB004

acquisition: Pinku Mukherjee. Investigation: Shu-ta Wu, Priyanka A. Grover. Methodology: Shu-ta Wu, Chandra D. Williams, Laura J. Moore, Pinku Mukherjee. 14 / 17 Project administration: Shu-ta Wu, Pinku

Tetraspanin blockage reduces exosome-mediated HIV-1 entry

HIV-1 is one of the most studied retroviruses. The role of exosomes in HIV-1 entry and pathogenesis are beginning to be appreciated. Exosomes can incorporate host proteins that are also contained in viruses (e.g., tetraspanins).

Impact of Gulf Stream SST biases on the global atmospheric circulation

The UK Met Office Unified Model in the Global Coupled 2 (GC2) configuration has a warm bias of up to almost \(7\,\hbox {K}\) in the Gulf Stream SSTs in the winter season, which is associated with surface heat flux biases and potentially related to biases in the atmospheric circulation. The role of this SST bias is examined with a focus on the tropospheric response by performing...

Exercise Professionals with Advanced Clinical Training Should be Afforded Greater Responsibility in Pre-Participation Exercise Screening: A New Collaborative Model between Exercise Professionals and Physicians

Regular exercise improves health but can also induce adverse responses. Although such episodes are rare, many guidelines for pre-participation exercise screening have historically had a low threshold for recommending medical clearance prior to the commencement of exercise, placing the responsibility for decision making about exercise participation on physicians. The ‘clearance to...

Re-examining the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT): Towards a Revised Theoretical Model

Network and Relationship Science to the Medical profession for the improvement of human health and the development of knowledge economies globally. Michael D. Williams is a full Professor, Deputy Dean, and

Different types of drifts in two seasonal forecast systems and their dependence on ENSO

Seasonal forecasts using coupled ocean–atmosphere climate models are increasingly employed to provide regional climate predictions. For the quality of forecasts to improve, regional biases in climate models must be diagnosed and reduced. The evolution of biases as initialized forecasts drift away from the observations is poorly understood, making it difficult to diagnose the...

Role of TIM-4 in exosome-dependent entry of HIV-1 into human immune cells

Role of TIM-4 in exosome-dependent entry of HIV-1 into human immune cells Brian Sims,1–3,* Anitra L Farrow,4,* Sparkle D Williams,1,2 Anju Bansal,4 Alexandre Krendelchtchikov,1,2,4 Linlin Gu,5 Qiana ... comments 3 Editor who approved publication: Dr Thomas J Webster Brian Sims,1–3,* Anitra L Farrow,4,* Sparkle D Williams,1,2 Anju Bansal,4 Alexandre Krendelchtchikov,1,2,4 Linlin Gu,5

Trials in adult critical care that show increased mortality of the new intervention: Inevitable or preventable mishaps?

. Williams 1 0 Centre for Heart and Lung Innovation, St. Paul's Hospital, University of British Columbia , 1081 Burrard Street, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1Y6 , Canada 1 Indiana University School of Medicine , 1701

The Ties that Bind: Capitalizing on the Existing Social Fabric in Public Housing to Revitalize Neighborhoods and Avoid Displacement in Panama City, Panama

Tennessee Journal of Law and Policy Introduction NAMA CITY PANAMA Tiffany D. Williams 0 0 Study Space Fellow, Center for Metropolitan Growth Georgia State , USA Governmentally sponsored

The development and application of an oncology Therapy-Related Symptom Checklist for Adults (TRSC) and Children (TRSC-C) and e-health applications

Background Studies found that treatment symptoms of concern to oncology/hematology patients were greatly under-identified in medical records. On average, 11.0 symptoms were reported of concern to patients compared to 1.5 symptoms identified in their medical records. A solution to this problem is use of an electronic symptom checklist that can be easily accessed by patients prior...