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Dual exposure to smoking and household air pollution is associated with an increased risk of severe asthma in adults in Brazil

author, Carolina de Souza-Machado2, Gabriela Pimentel Pinheiro1, Sergio Telles de Oliva3, Raquel Cristina Lins Mota4, Valmar Bião de Lima5, Constança Sampaio Cruz6, José Miguel Chatkin7 and Álvaro A. Cruz5 ... this article, unless otherwise stated. Authors’ Affiliations (1) Programa para o Controle da Asma na Bahia (ProAR) e Programa de Pós-graduação em Medicina e Saúde, Centro de Saúde Carlos Gomes

Institutional Goal Priorities in Texas: A Look at an Associate Degree Nursing Program

University of Central Florida Libraries , USA 1 'John E. De Leon, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Technology, Southwest Texas State University , San Marcos, TX , USA Recommended Citation Journal of

On the equiponderate equation xa

Journal of Applied Mathematics & Decision Sciences Xa -- X b - X Xc -- Xd -- i AND A REPRESENTATION OF WEIGHT QUADRUPLETS BERNARD DE BAETS AND HANS DE MEYER 0 Department of Applied Mathematics and ... parameter s [0, +] such that it can be written as (T1/S(a + c, 1 b- c), T1/s(1 a- c, b+ c), TS(a + c, b+ c), Ts(1 Acknowledgments Bernaxd De Baets is a Post-Doctoral Fellow and Hans De Meyer is a Research

Measles Immune Suppression: Functional Impairment or Numbers Game?

or Numbers Game? Rory D. de Vries 0 Rik L. de Swart 0 Glenn F. Rall, The Fox Chase Cancer Center, United States of America 0 Department of Viroscience, Erasmus MC , Rotterdam , The Netherlands ... communication of measles virus with host innate immunity and dendritic cells . Curr Top Microbiol Immunol 330 : 271 - 287 . 3. Griffin DE ( 2010 ) Measles virus-induced suppression of immune responses . Immunol

When Gender Differences Become a Trap: The Impact of China's Labor Law on Women

, the emphasis on the mediation process may de-emphasize legal rights and have little binding authority. Many of the differences between the two countries with regard to enforcement of employment

L’Islamisme en Grande-Bretagne (un bref résumé)

- Article 49 L’islamisme en Grande-Bretagne (un bref résumé) Par Filles de la Charité Province de Grande Bretagne 1. Introduction En Grande-Bretagne, il y a une présence musulmane depuis plus de 300 ans ... . Durant les 150 dernières années, les centres islamiques s’y sont multipliés et un grand nombre de communautés musulmanes ont vu le jour. La première mosquée a été construite à Woking, près de Londres, en

National Report: Spain

administrator of Digital Commons @ American University Washington College of Law. For more information , please contact , USA 1 Aldaz, Carlos Martínez de Aguirre, and Pedro de Pablo Contreras. "National Report ... Recommended Citation - CARLOS MARTÍNEZ DE AGUIRRE ALDAZ* & PEDRO DE PABLO CONTRERAS** Four Years of Same-Sex Marriage in Spanish Law: A Discussion Ranging from Constitutionality to the Obstinacy of Biology

For Richer or Poorer or any Other Reason: Adjudicating Immigration Marriage Fraud Cases Within the Scope of the Constitution

Gender, Social Policy & the Law by an authorized administrator of Digital Commons @ American University Washington College of Law. For more information , please contact , USA 1 De Armas, Marcel. "For ... ): 743-767 2 American University Washington College of Law , USA - MARCEL DE ARMAS* * Senior Publications Editor, American University Journal of Gender, Social Policy and the Law, Volume 16; J.D

The City of the Future: Betting on Sustainability, Health & Safety

-case scenario situatio generates neglect by the citize aggression, insecurity, and health characteristics of the city. Actions for the Economic Dom Economy: The first action should be to de

The Music On Hold Case

ON HOLD CASE Melissa de Zwart* I. INTRODUCTION Recent years have seen a great deal of torture inflicted upon the wording of the Australian CopyrightAct' as it and its interpreters struggle to come ... , Stephen Loughnan, Service Provider Liability for User Copyright Infringement on the Internet ( 1997 ) 8 AUSTRALIAN INTELL . PROP. J. 18 , and Melissa de Zwart, Controlling Content on the Information

A European Common Framework for Health: A Real Possibility or an Improbable Myth? Lessons for the Future Healthcare System in the United States

biggest employer in the state, employing 1,129,200 people. JM Aranaz et al., Gestiansanitaria.Calidadyseguridaddelospacientes,Diaz de Santos, Madrid, 2008, 3. 18. Communication from the Commission to the

Louis Althusser et la scène du procès

By Laurent de Sutter, Published on 01/01/16 ... et la scène du procès § 1 Au moment où, avec Paolo Grossi, Giorgio Strehler décida de fonder un théâtre dans une petite salle du numéro 2 de la Via Rovello, dans le centreville de Milan, il était âgé

Zizek y Althusser. Vida o muerte de la lectura sintomática.

: Iss. 1. Available at: - Mariana de Gainza Article 3 Follow this and additional works at: Zizek y Althusser. Vida o ... muerte de la lectura sintomática. Por Mariana de Gainza Introducción Mi propósito en este trabajo es intentar problematizar cierta afirmación que Slavoj Zizek realiza al analizar las posibilidades de una

The Family Preservation Philosophy and Therapy With Lesbian Clients

Journal of Family Strengths The F amily Preser vation Philosophy and The With Lesbian Clients rapy Pamela de Santa 0 Recommended Citation 0 Family Preservation Journal (Summer 1996) Published by ... Journal (Summer 1996) http://digitalcommons.library.Dtmepc.aerdtmu/ejfns/tvoofl2S/ioscs1ia/l5Work, New Mexico State University de Santa: The Family Preservation Philosophy and

A remark on Waring decompositions of some special plane quartics

- ALESSANDRO DE PARIS† AMS subject classifications. 15A99, 14M99. 1. Introduction. Let f ∈ K[x0, . . . , xn] be a degree d homogeneous polynomial and (1.1) f = l1d + · · · + lrd be a decomposition of f as a ... for this fact is [2, Case (2) in the proof of Theorem 44], but we found the indirect argument there rather obscure). 512 Alessandro De Paris 2. Preliminary remarks. First of all, we fix an

Some subspaces of the projective space PG(Λ^kV) related to regular spreads of PG(V)

PG(V )∗ BART DE BRUYN† AMS subject classifications. 15A75, 51A45. 1. The main result. Let V be a 2m-dimensional vector space over a field F (m ≥ 2) and let PG(V ) denote the projective space ... disjoint lines L1, L2, L3 of PG(3, F) are contained in a unique regulus which we will denote by R(L1, L2, L3). 356 B. De Bruyn Let n ∈ N \ {0, 1, 2} and F a field. Recall that a spread of the projective

When I Means We: A Reading of School in French Caribbean Apprenticeship Novels

Caribbean Apprenticeship Novels Pascale De Souza SAIS -Johns Hopkins University La question a poser a un Martiniquais ne sera pas: qui suis-je? . . . mais qui sommes-no us? The question to ask a

Life is a tapestry: a cautionary metaphor

a tapestry: a cautionary metaphor Phoenix de Carteret Monash University Abstract: This paper draws from two research projects where the power of dominant discourses to influence storytelling was ... road rage and my perception of the brutality of industry inscribed the ebb and flow of local fortunes de Carteret Life is a tapestry on the landscape and I found, as Christopher Tilley (1994: 23) has

Changing Tides: The Need for New Legislation To Prevent Algae Blooms

Law & Policy , Fall 2006, 44 2 Marcel De Armas is a JD candidate - CHANGING TIDES: THE NEED FOR NEW LEGISLATION TO PREVENT ALGAE BLOOMS by Marcel De Armas* Ubase of the ocean’s food chain and support

Misleadingly Green: Time to Repeal the Ethanol Tariff and Subsidy for Corn

ETHANOL TARIFF AND SUBSIDY FOR CORN By Marcel De Armas* Tof energy diversification, but it may also be creating he United States is recognizing the value and importance greater environmental harm in the