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Dexamethasone inhibits activation of monocytes/macrophages in a milieu rich in 27-oxygenated cholesterol

. Writing ± original draft: Bo-Young Kim. Formal analysis: Bo-Young Kim, Yonghae Son, Jeonga Lee, Jeongyoon Choi, Chi Dae Kim, Sun Sik Bae, Seong-Kug Eo, Koanhoi Kim. Writing ± review & editing: Yonghae ... Son, Jeonga Lee, Jeongyoon Choi, Chi Dae Kim, Sun Sik Bae, Seong-Kug Eo, Koanhoi Kim. 11 / 13 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. Asai K, Funaki C, Hayashi T, Yamada K, Naito M

Differential impact of white matter hyperintensities on long-term outcomes in ischemic stroke patients with large artery atherosclerosis

Suk Nam. Investigation: Minyoul Baik, Kyoungsub Kim, Joonsang Yoo, Ki Hoon Kim, Hyung Jong Park, Young Dae Kim, Hyo Suk Nam. Methodology: Minyoul Baik, Seong Ho Jeong, Ki Hoon Kim. Resources ... : Kyoungsub Kim, Joonsang Yoo, Seong Ho Jeong, Hyung Jong Park, Young Dae Kim, Ji Hoe Heo, Hyo Suk Nam. Supervision: Hyeon Chang Kim, Ji Hoe Heo, Hyo Suk Nam. Writing ± original draft: Minyoul Baik. Writing

Range of glucose as a glycemic variability and 3–month outcome in diabetic patients with acute ischemic stroke

Glycemic variability (GV) is reportedly a predictor for poor outcome in various clinical conditions. We aimed to assess whether GV during hospital admission is associated with poor outcomes in patients with acute ischemic stroke (AIS) and diabetes. We prospectively enrolled consecutive patients with AIS from the registry of 6 tertiary hospitals between January 2013 and December ...

Fourier series of higher-order Bernoulli functions and their applications

In this paper, we study the Fourier series related to higher-order Bernoulli functions and give new identities for higher-order Bernoulli functions which are derived from the Fourier series of them. MSC: 11B68, 42A16.

Some identities of Korobov-type polynomials associated with p-adic integrals on Z p

In this paper, we consider Korobov-type polynomials derived from the bosonic and fermionic p-adic integrals on Z p , and we give some interesting and new identities of those polynomials and of their mixed-types. MSC: 11B68, 11B83, 11S80, 05A19.

A note on degenerate poly-Bernoulli numbers and polynomials

In this paper, we consider the degenerate poly-Bernoulli polynomials and present new and explicit formulas for computing them in terms of the degenerate Bernoulli polynomials and Stirling numbers of the second kind. MSC: 11B68, 11B73, 11B83.

Effect of a new phosphorus source, magnesium hydrogen phosphate (MHP) on growth, utilization of phosphorus, and physiological responses in carp Cyprinus carpio

Magnesium hydrogen phosphate (MHP, MgHPO4) recovered from swine manure was prepared as an alternative phosphorus (P) source. Conventional P additives, monocalcium phosphate (MCP), dicalcium phosphate (DCP), and tricalcium phosphate (TCP) were compared with the MHP in terms of growth and P availability by juvenile carp Cyprinus carpio. A basal diet as a negative control was prepared ...

Some identities of Laguerre polynomials arising from differential equations

In this paper, we derive a family of ordinary differential equations from the generating function of the Laguerre polynomials. Then these differential equations are used in order to obtain some properties and new identities for those polynomials. MSC: 05A19, 33C45, 11B37, 35G35.

α-Iso-Cubebene Inhibits PDGF-Induced Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferation by Suppressing Osteopontin Expression

α-Iso-cubebene (ICB) is a dibenzocyclooctadiene lignin contained in Schisandra chinensis (SC), a well-known medicinal herb that ameliorates cardiovascular symptoms. Thus, we examined the effect of ICB on vascular smooth muscle cell (VSMC) proliferation, a key feature of diverse vascular diseases. When VSMCs primary cultured from rat thoracic aorta were stimulated with PDGF (1–10 ...

Differential equations arising from the generating function of general modified degenerate Euler numbers

In this paper, we introduce the general modified degenerate Euler numbers and study ordinary differential equations arising from the generating function of these numbers. In addition, we give some new explicit identities for the general modified degenerate Euler numbers arising from our differential equations. MSC: 05A19, 11B37, 11B83, 34A34.

Degenerate poly-Cauchy polynomials with a q parameter

In this paper, the degenerate poly-Cauchy polynomials with a q parameter of the first and the second kind are introduced and their properties are studied. For these polynomials, some explicit formulas, recurrence relations, and connections with a few previously known families of polynomials are established. MSC: 05A19, 05A40, 11B83.

Effects of Antifouling Biocides on Molecular and Biochemical Defense System in the Gill of the Pacific Oyster Crassostrea gigas

Antifouling biocides such as organotin compounds and their alternatives are potent toxicants in marine ecosystems. In this study, we employed several molecular and biochemical response systems of the Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas to understand a potential mode of action of antifouling biocides (i.e. tributyltin (TBT), diuron and irgarol) after exposure to different ...

Concurrent Treatment with Taxifolin and Cilostazol on the Lowering of β-Amyloid Accumulation and Neurotoxicity via the Suppression of P-JAK2/P-STAT3/NF-κB/BACE1 Signaling Pathways

Taxifolin is a potent flavonoid that exerts anti-oxidative effect, and cilostazol increases intracellular cAMP levels by inhibiting phosphodiesterase 3 that shows antiinflammatory actions. BACE1 (β-site APP cleaving enzyme 1) is the rate-limiting enzyme responsible for the β-cleavage of amyloid precursor proteins to Aβ peptides. In this study, endogenous Aβ and C99 accumulation was ...

Linear differential equations for families of polynomials

In this paper, we present linear differential equations for the generating functions of the Poisson-Charlier, actuarial, and Meixner polynomials. Also, we give an application for each case.

Added Value of 3D Proton-Density Weighted Images in Diagnosis of Intracranial Arterial Dissection

Background An early and reliable diagnosis of intracranial arterial dissection is important to reduce the risk of neurological complication. The purpose of this study was to assess the clinical usefulness of three-dimensional high-resolution MRI (3D-HR-MRI) including pre- and post-contrast T1-weighted volumetric isotropic turbo spin echo acquisition with improved motion-sensitized ...

Powers under umbral composition and degeneration for Sheffer sequences

In this paper we study the powers under umbral composition and degeneration for Sheffer sequences, where we presented several applications related to Bernoulli polynomials, Frobenius-Euler polynomials, falling factorial polynomials and Bell polynomials and their degeneration cases. MSC: 05A19, 05A40, 11B83.

Degenerate q-Euler polynomials

Recently, some identities of degenerate Euler polynomials arising from p-adic fermionic integrals on Z p were introduced in Kim and Kim (Integral Transforms Spec. Funct. 26(4):295-302, 2015). In this paper, we study degenerate q-Euler polynomials which are derived from p-adic q-integrals on Z p . MSC: 11B68, 11S80.

A treatment planning study of proton arc therapy for para-aortic lymph node tumors: dosimetric evaluation of conventional proton therapy, proton arc therapy, and intensity modulated radiotherapy

Background The purpose of this study is to evaluate the dosimetric benefits of a proton arc technique for treating tumors of the para-aortic lymph nodes (PALN). Method In nine patients, a proton arc therapy (PAT) technique was compared with intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and proton beam therapy (PBT) techniques with respect to the planning target volume (PTV) and ...

Barnes-type Narumi polynomials

In this paper, we study the Barnes-type Narumi polynomials with umbral calculus viewpoint. From our study, we derive various identities of the Barnes-type Narumi polynomials.MSC: 05A19, 05A40, 11B68.