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Dilaton field released under collision of dilatonic black holes with Gauss–Bonnet term

We investigate the upper limit of the gravitational radiation released upon the collision of two dilatonic black holes by analyzing the Gauss–Bonnet term. Dilatonic black holes have a dilaton hair coupled with this term. Using the laws of thermodynamics, the upper limit of the radiation is obtained, which reflected the effects of the dilaton hair. The amount of radiation released...

Matrix models from localization of five-dimensional supersymmetric noncommutative U(1) gauge theory

We study localization of five-dimensional supersymmetric U(1) gauge theory on \( {\mathbb{S}}^3\times {\mathbb{R}}_{\theta}^2 \) where \( {\mathbb{R}}_{\theta}^2 \) is a noncommutative (NC) plane. The theory can be isomorphically mapped to three-dimensional supersymmetric U(N → ∞) gauge theory on \( {\mathbb{S}}^3 \) using the matrix representation on a separable Hilbert space on...