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Position specific player load during match-play in a professional football club

administration: Svein Arne Pettersen. Supervision: Dag Johansen, Svein Arne Pettersen. Writing ± original draft: Ivan Baptista. Writing ± review & editing: Dag Johansen, Svein Arne Pettersen. 8 / 10 9 / 10 1

Efficient disease detection in gastrointestinal videos – global features versus neural networks

Michael Riegler Thomas de Lange Dag Johansen 1. Abadi M , Barham P , Chen J , Chen Z , Davis A , Dean J , Devin M , Ghemawat S , Irving G , Isard M , etal ( 2016 ) Tensorflow: a system for large-scale

Search-based composition, streaming and playback of video archive content

Dag Johansen Pl Halvorsen Hvard Johansen Hkon Riiser Cathal Gurrin Bjrn Olstad Carsten Griwodz ge Kvalnes Joseph Hurley Tomas Kupka P. Halvorsen C. Griwodz T. Kupka Simula Research Laboratory ... . Dag Johansen is a professor at University of Troms. His research interests include how to architect and build large-scale distributed systems. Contact him at Pl Halvorsen is a professor at University

The Nornir run-time system for parallel programs using Kahn process networks on multi-core machines—a flexible alternative to MapReduce

Even though shared-memory concurrency is a paradigm frequently used for developing parallel applications on small- and middle-sized machines, experience has shown that it is hard to use. This is largely caused by synchronization primitives which are low-level, inherently non-deterministic, and, consequently, non-intuitive to use. In this paper, we present the Nornir run-time...