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The Transport and Deposition of Nanoparticles in Respiratory System by Inhalation

The inhaled nanoparticles have attracted more and more attention, since they are more easily to enter the deep part of respiratory system. Some nanoparticles were reported to cause pulmonary inflammation. The toxicity of nanoparticles depends not only on its chemical component but also on the quantity and position of the deposition. The deposition of nanoparticles is not uniform...

High-Performance Fluorescence Molecular Tomography through Shape-Based Reconstruction Using Spherical Harmonics Parameterization

Fluorescence molecular tomography in the near-infrared region is becoming a powerful modality for mapping the three-dimensional quantitative distributions of fluorochromes in live small animals. However, wider application of fluorescence molecular tomography still requires more accurate and stable reconstruction tools. We propose a shape-based reconstruction method that uses...