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Specific effects of working memory training on the reading skills of Chinese children with developmental dyslexia

Conceptualization: Juanhua Yang, Jun Peng, Lei Mo. Data curation: Juanhua Yang, Jun Peng. Formal analysis: Juanhua Yang. Funding acquisition: Lei Mo. Investigation: Dake Zhang. Methodology: Juanhua Yang, Jun Peng ... . Project administration: Lei Mo. Software: Jun Peng. Supervision: Lei Mo. Validation: Juanhua Yang. Visualization: Dake Zhang, Liling Zheng. Writing ± original draft: Juanhua Yang. Writing ± review

Metagenomic Profile of the Viral Communities in Rhipicephalus spp. Ticks from Yunnan, China

Besides mosquitoes, ticks are regarded as the primary source of vector-borne infectious diseases. Indeed, a wide variety of severe infectious human diseases, including those involving viruses, are transmitted by ticks in many parts of the world. To date, there are no published reports on the use of next-generation sequencing for studying viral diversity in ticks or discovering...

Whole genome HBV deletion profiles and the accumulation of preS deletion mutant during antiviral treatment

Background Hepatitis B virus (HBV), because of its error-prone viral polymerase, has a high mutation rate leading to widespread substitutions, deletions, and insertions in the HBV genome. Deletions may significantly change viral biological features complicating the progression of liver diseases. However, the clinical conditions correlating to the accumulation of deleted mutants...

Prevalent HBV point mutations and mutation combinations at BCP/preC region and their association with liver disease progression

Background Mutations in the basic core promoter (BCP) and its adjacent precore (preC) region in HBV genome are common in chronic hepatitis B patients. However, the patterns of mutation combinations in these two regions during chronic infection are less understood. This study focused on single base mutations in BCP and preC region and the multi-mutation patterns observed in...