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Analytic bounds and emergence of AdS2 physics from the conformal bootstrap

We study analytically the constraints of the conformal bootstrap on the lowlying spectrum of operators in field theories with global conformal symmetry in one and two spacetime dimensions. We introduce a new class of linear functionals acting on the conformal bootstrap equation. In 1D, we use the new basis to construct extremal functionals leading to the optimal upper bound on...

Superconformal blocks for SCFTs with eight supercharges

We show how to treat the superconformal algebras with eight Poincaré super-charges in a unified manner for spacetime dimension 2 < d ≤ 6. This formalism is ideally suited for analyzing the quadratic Casimir operator of the superconformal algebra and its use in deriving superconformal blocks. We illustrate this by an explicit construction of the superconformal blocks, for any...

Bootstrapping SCFTs with four supercharges

We study the constraints imposed by superconformal symmetry, crossing symmetry, and unitarity for theories with four supercharges in spacetime dimension 2 ≤ d ≤ 4. We show how superconformal algebras with four Poincaré supercharges can be treated in a formalism applicable to any, in principle continuous, value of d and use this to construct the superconformal blocks for any d ≤ 4...