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‘Multinational banking’: capturing the benefits and avoiding the pitfalls

Law Studies (CCLS), Queen Mary University of London , London , UK 1 Patterson & LaBrosse Financial Consultants Ltd , Ottawa , Canada 2 & Dalvinder Singh 3 School of Law, University of Warwick , Coventry ... discussant at international conferences. With Andrew Campbell, John Raymond LaBrosse and Dalvinder Singh, David co-authored an important book entitled Deposit Insurance published in 2007 by Palgrave Macmillian

The Centralisation of European Financial Regulation and Supervision: Is There a Need for a Single Enforcement Handbook?

The Banking Union is at an important juncture post the period of institution building, with policy pronouncements being published by the ECB about how it will go about undertaking its task of supervision within the eurozone. These attempt to explain how it will address the complex task of supervising banks within a multilayered framework of regional and domestic rule-making and...

Corporate governance and the interests of depositors

protection of depositors. Dalvinder Singh Managing Editor, Oxford Brookes University e-mail: (1) Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, Enhancing Corporate Governance for Banking Institutions , February

The enlargement of the European Union and financial services

soon after accession is economically beneficial, considering their stage of economic development where higher level of government investment would inevitably lead to higher levels of debt. Dr Dalvinder ... Singh Senior Lecturer in Law Oxford Brookes University IALS Editor May 2004 (1) For information about EU enlargement , see information posted at; for