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On the quantum field theory of the gravitational interactions

We study the main options for a unitary and renormalizable, local quantum field theory of the gravitational interactions. The first model is a Lee-Wick superrenormalizable higher-derivative gravity, formulated as a nonanalytically Wick rotated Euclidean theory. We show that, under certain conditions, the S matrix is unitary when the cosmological constant vanishes. The model is...

A new formulation of Lee-Wick quantum field theory

The Lee-Wick models are higher-derivative theories that are claimed to be unitary thanks to a peculiar cancelation mechanism. In this paper, we provide a new formulation of the models, to clarify several aspects that have remained quite mysterious, so far. Specifically, we define them as nonanalytically Wick rotated Euclidean theories. The complex energy plane is divided into...

Inconsistency of Minkowski higher-derivative theories

We show that Minkowski higher-derivative quantum field theories are generically inconsistent, because they generate nonlocal, non-hermitian ultraviolet divergences, which cannot be removed by means of standard renormalization procedures. By “Minkowski theories” we mean theories that are defined directly in Minkowski spacetime. The problems occur when the propagators have complex...

Some reference formulas for the generating functions of canonical transformations

We study some properties of the canonical transformations in classical mechanics and quantum field theory and give a number of practical formulas concerning their generating functions. First, we give a diagrammatic formula for the perturbative expansion of the composition law around the identity map. Then we propose a standard way to express the generating function of a canonical...

Adler–Bardeen theorem and manifest anomaly cancellation to all orders in gauge theories

Damiano Anselmi 0 0 Dipartimento di Fisica Enrico Fermi, Universit di Pisa , and INFN, Sezione di Pisa, Largo B. Pontecorvo 3, 56127 Pisa, Italy We reconsider the Adler-Bardeen theorem for the